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18K Wine – Grife de Sucos e Vinhos Kasher

Wine Kasher


It’s the food and drink that meets Kashrut’s demands.   

Kashrut is a set of food norms and precepts based on the Tora (Sacred Book of Judaism). Kasher means “good”, “fit” and “trustworthy”. 


There are very particular demands from Kashrut regarding wine and especially those who handle it. According to the requirements, the wine cannot be considered Kasher if there is any suspicion that it has been used for idolatry, much documented in paid practices, and for this reason there is an excessive concern that those who handle the wine are a Jew, the only one who can handle the wine during some stages of production,  so there is no doubt that it has not been used for idolatry. The wine becomes unfit for idolatry from the moment it is boiled or cooked, when it happens to be called Mevushal. After this stage, kasher wine can be handled by anyone because it is unfit for idolatry. 




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