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18K Wine – Grife de Sucos e Vinhos Kasher


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18kWine deeply believes in offering their customers outstanding drinking experiences.   We do this by translating our passion for wine and grape juice into amazing products that are tasty, healthy and with a rich fruity flavor.  The company was founded 8 years ago with a mission to create great Kosher products.  

We are now one of the largest companies in Brazil producing kosher wines and grape juices.  Much of this growth is due to our relentless commitment to quality, our customers, and good relationships with our retail partners.  We are always interested in creating partnerships with companies that can help us reach customers in different parts of the world and offer them amazing drinking experiences with our unique and exquisite products.  

All of our products are elaborated following all Kashrut guidelines with rabbinic supervision from our kosher certification partners. 



We currently offer 5 products made in the São Francisco Valley region, in northeastern Brazil. The region has a unique terroir and offers products with the designation of origin “Tropical Wines”. 

We offer 4 products within our range of Aleph wines plus a whole red grape juice. The Aleph range offers Kiddush smooth red wines, red wine, white wine and sparkling wine. 

Whole Red Grape Juice

The whole red grape juice comes in 3 sizes. 1 Liter, 1.5 liter and 300ml. It is 100% natural with no water, sugar or preservatives added. Each liter of our juice is made from 2kg of high-quality grapes from the northeast of Brazil. This results in a rich product with a unique flavor.  

Aleph Wine – Sweet Red Wine (Kidush)


Aleph is a high quality smooth red wine. A wine made with selected grapes from a special terroir in the São Francisco Valley in northern Brazil. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet with an important symbology. It represents the origin of all things and a heavy connection. 

This product is an easy drinking wine, ideal for Shabbat and other family meals. Each bottle brings to you a little bit of our mission to be part of the daily life and traditions of the Jewish community. 

Aleph Wine – Smooth Red Wine


It’s our red dry Kasher table wine. It is a smooth wine made with the same base as our sweet wine. 

Aleph Wine – White Frizzante


Slightly sweet, extremely aromatic wine, made with fine grapes from the São Francisco valley in northeastern Brazil. Wines from this region have recently received the denomination of origin “Tropical Wines” because they offer a unique flavor found only in the regions´ Terroir. 

Aleph Wine – White Wine


Wine made with the same base as our sparkling wine. It is an easy drinking wine, made from a unique blend of selected grapes from the San Francisco Valley. It is a wine with a unique aroma and it stands out for notes of pineapple and citrus fruits. 




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