We currently offer 3 products elaborated in the south and north east of Brazil:  Aleph – A smooth red table wine ; Mahut – A Brut Rose sparkling wine and ; 18K Juice – A whole red grape juice. All products are elaborated  The  under rabbinical supervision and the attentive eyes of Philip and Michelle who participate in the entire production process. We want to deliver a product of unmatched quality at your home. 


1,5l , 1l and 500ml

The whole red grape juice comes in  3 sizes. 1 Liter, 1.5 liter and 300ml. It is 100% natural with no water , sugar or preservatives added. Each liter of our juice is made from 2kg of high quality  grapes from the north east of Brazil. This results in a rich product with a unique flavor.  

Wine Aleph


Aleph is a high quality smooth red wine . A wine made of selected grapes from a special terroir in the north eat of Brazil. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet with an important symbology. It represents the origin of all things and a heavinly connection. This product is an easy to drink wine ideally suited for shabbat and other family meals. Each bottle brings to you a little of our mission to be part the day to day and traditions of the jewish community



Mahut which in Hebrew means “Essence” and is born from the partnership between 18K Wine and LIDIO CARRARO WineRy Boutique. This Kosher sparkling wine was developed under the strict Jewish precepts and under the Purist Philosophy of The Vinicola.  

Harmony, class and elegance are predicates of this sparkling wine, perfect for consumption in the most diverse celebrations, including Pessach. Made from the best Pinot Noir grapes from the vineyards of the Boutique Winery at the crossroads of the South, it has delicate floral notes and aromas that refer to yellow fruits. Balanced and refreshing palate, followed by pleasant velvety feeling.